We promise to . . .

Provide an environment for students to learn

. . . Provide an Environment for Students to Learn

The most valuable resource we have is our children.  They will grow up to become our future leaders, workers, voters, and teachers.  We must invest our very best in them through our time, talents, and treasure so they will be equipped to take on their life's mission.  Providing good educators, quality curriculum, and safe schools should be our utmost focus in society.  Our future success, or failure, depends on the actions we take today.

Give teachers a voice

. . . Give Teachers a Voice

Our teachers started out their careers with passion for helping students grow in academics and in life.  However, year after year of failed policies from their leaders have left them bitter and frustrated.  An overwhelming number of good teachers are leaving Louisiana schools in search of healthier environments.  We must allow teachers to freely express what they feel would help them develop our students, and then take action by empowering them with the tools they need.

Help schools become an extension of the community

. . . Help Schools Become an Extension of the Community

 Our educators are powerless without the support of our parents and communities.  The old adage of "it takes a village to raise a child" has never been more true today.  Parents must value their child's education and become partners with our educators to achieve the common goal.  Our teachers are public servants tasked with educating the next generation, and their communities must effectively communicate with them to give their students the brightest future possible. 


Your generous donation is an opportunity to become a part of the solution to our broken system, and help us advance our children's future through a quality Louisiana education.

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